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The owner of Magic Castle Plans is steve kovarez the son of a carpenter,  - himself an entertainer , TV Presenter and International Illusionist.
steve has been been making and designing Illusions for magicians, other acts and theme parks since 1988. Steve has only now decided to release his designs on the market after a busy career touring the world and performing for audiences around the globe which he still does.
When steve started building illusions there was no one to show him step by step how to build them which lead to many trial and error building sessions which lead to steve designing and writing the plans on this site to teach other magicians on a budget and with no carpentry skills how to build their own illusions and save some money from shop made ones costing many hundreds or thousands of pounds.
Since then steve has also started designing his own illusion designs which many have built to enable them to own illusions that are not the run of the mill effects to help separate them from other acts.
Hopefully with many more designs and books to follow - direct from Steves imagination.

In 2013 steve Sprang to Fame as a Semi Finalist on Britain's got talent where he presented his comedy Illusionist Character "Stevie Pink" which gave a fun and fresh perspective on illusion presentation instead of the usual "dark and mysterious" approach.
The character portrayed a tongue in cheek comedy magic and illusion performance that was more adept to a Liberace performance than a magic show...much to delight of the public.

Steve Levitating his assistant on Britains Got Talent

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