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Frequently Asked Questions

1)   Can you tell me how much each illusion will cost to build?
A:   No, each town, area and indeed country will have the raw materials such as wood and aluminium priced differently.

2)   Will you build it for me?
A:    No, we are also working illusionists too and no longer have workshops or time to be able to build for others.

3)   Can you recommend someone to build it for me?
A:    No, Although there are plenty of good builders in each country....simple search and you'll find one who will give you a quote to build from our plans

4)   Can I build more than one of the same illusion from your plans?
A:   Yes...IF they are for your sole use ....NO if you are building it for someone else...the plans you buy    
      entitle you to build one for yourself and the performing rights on some too.

5)   I'm an Illusion builder, can I purchase a licence from you to build an illusion to sell to others?
A:   Yes, ...please get in touch with us to find about our 10 year licencing deals.

6) I've paid for my plans but havent received them!!!
A: Please check you spam filter. All downloads should appear instantly - no waiting  so check your spam filter first before contacting us.

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